Jury duty, I am NOT amused

*waves* I am up early today thank you stupid jury duty omg! I tried to get out because of my pending case but they were really snippy with me about that, so I was like fine I think a judge and the D.A. will see it my way. For goodness sakes, david got out of jury duty because of MY case so why shouldn’t I? *sigh*

I am not a morning person. I have never been to jury duty, and I have spent enough time at that blasted court house. Plus, my foot & leg can’t go more than like 20 minutes without having to be elevated. Plus, I am short.. which means I can’t even keep it flat. You wait till I get up after sitting that long. I will be lucky if I don’t hit the floor. If I were rich or had insurance I could have probably got a dr note.

It’s also like 30 degrees this morning and dreary. WAHOO! SCOREZ for me. I have to get my mom to come take me to this crap too. Which sucks because she won’t be able to stay with me, and I can’t ever get a signal in that god forsaken place so when it’s over it’s gonna be a joy to try to get a call out to her to come get me. I don’t even know what she will do while I am in there..I mean.. she won’t be able to start a couponing trip or anything like that. UGH. you know it is bad enough I’m gonna have to have someone tote me back and forth to community service later on let alone waste time on this ?

Our county is so pain in the you know what, you can’t even have a book reader or your phone out. I think you can have a magazine or regular book but other than that..

I have my phone, some candy , a hair clip and my keys in a tiny purse.

seriously theres nothing more I enjoy than having to be out of bed before 11 especially when it’s cold out. it’s just perfect.

I would have mom take me tanning afterwards but I don’t want to feel yucky and nasty the rest of the day and not be able to take a bath because no one is here…BLAH. I also would go home with her to get my hair colored but that really makes for a long day.

I will be lucky to even make it to trash can blogger chat …I know david usually got out around 11 so if that happens for me maybe I could sleep beforehand.

anyways I hope ya’ll have a better day than me!