just a post :D

Hey Everyone!

Well things have been pretty mellow in my world since I last wrote.. that is kind of why I haven’t took the time to write lol. This past Saturday made 1 year since we got Marley(Well we actually adopted her 6 days before, but we couldn’t bring her home until they could schedule her shots and surgery and whatnot)  so that was sweet! We had her scheduled for a bath but it was SO SO SO dreary and cold outside ,plus David wasn’t feeling well so .. I just rescheduled it for this weekend coming up!

I had gotten up early saturday because I had to go pick up some chicken with my mom at 8 a/m!  … Did I mention how icky saturday was? and to be up that early? ew lol.

After I got the chicken, worked it all up + my moms (around 80lbs) We had a quick “lunch” at her house and then we ended up going to minute clinic at CVS to see if David had strep or whatever. The rapid strep test came back as negative and I don’t know about the one they sent off yet! He also got his ears cleaned out. Fun stuff lol.

I started feeling like I was getting whatever this thing is that David has yesterday ,and I can still kind of feel it today, but I am hopeful that it just goes on away! Usually if David ends up sick and I get it , it takes me about 2 weeks to fight it off!

I *think* next week we are going to go to a Heart and Soul night for church which is where Pastor Steven actually comes to one of the locations on a week night and since I haven’t made it to church in 2 months (though I watch online) I think it would be awesome to see him in person. I would like to be able to wear my sweater dress that David bought me!

I REALLY need to get my hair colored this week if at all possible. .. It is always something isn’t it ? 🙂

I got a couple of review items for my .. MINI holiday gift guide lol. Unless something  changes I won’t be having a big one.. I also have 2 reviews that need to go up before that (Yes, Wilderness at the smokies is one of them lol)

I also need to figure out where my Christmas Cards are and get those together

Well.. nothing too exciting here but I wanted to do a quick update!  later gators