Just another same ole same ole week :)

Hey Everyone

I have dabbled with writing several posts this week but haven’t managed to finish one! I guess online and especially writing just hasn’t been where it is at for me this week. It happens sometimes- or well with me it happens a lot more than it probably should lol.

David has a cold, and I have been fighting it tooth and nail myself! I am hoping it goes on away before it actually gets “bad” . So far it has just been the fever/chill thing and a bad sore throat and just that general funky cold feeling. I was actually hopeful at first it was allergies lol …no such luck!

My parents ended up going out of town this morning which kinda threw off my whole week lol… David and I had planned to go over there this evening to get his hair cut and to eat dinner but we ended up doing it yesterday instead. I didn’t think they were leaving till Saturday.. Not a biggie but I had wanted to try to see what she could do with my hair because it is .. not happy hair! It already needs colored (Remember that red i was writing about? it is GONE and it is some wonky shade of .. I don’t know.. I just don’t like it) Also, I used some shampoo that totally peed it off(and stripped the color) so, yes my hair needs love but I guess it will wait till she is back!  Might try to go over there for a quick cook out on monday or something.

David and I are planning to clean out my closet this weekend , mostly on Monday because he is pretty well tied up with the church volunteering this weekend. I might get a jump start on it though! I noticed yesterday when I was getting ready to go over to my parents how much stuff doesn’t fit.. and don’t get me started on random things I can’t find since we moved lol.  The closet in the guest room kinda became a huge combo of 3 or 4 closets – which makes me truly wonder what is in our storage unit lol. It’s all good for the most part though because it is kind of out of sight/out of mind for the most part

One thing about us both not feeling well we aren’t really having to eat much for dinner lol. I told him to swing by walmart and get some broth for us for dinner .. I swear it took me an hour to eat a sandwich and chips yesterday for lunch, that is how bad I felt!  I need to come up with meals for now- next pay day (of course) I would really like to go eat at my fave pizza buffet ONE time before then..  the one that is closest to us David has wore out and I just cannot stand anymore. This one is like 10 minutes up the road and even has wings on the bar …see how they lured me in there?

I am totally out of whack with getting up in the mornings, but lately it seems like not a lot goes on before I am getting up anyways, and with not feeling well I am kinda just like meh whatever! When I have more to do I will worry about getting up and getting it done! It doesn’t hurt to rest sometimes. I have pretty much been GO GO GO since Mid April So.. if I want a few days of sleeping in, so be it!

I am nervous about September because of all the Trips and reviews that are going to go along with them. I know that I used to write up to 5 reviews at a time so it should be no sweat but it has been a lot of years since I did that kind of thing! I know I can do it though. Mostly with me it is kind of like when the urge strikes to write I just sit and write till I can’t because sometimes my writing mojo doesn’t come very easily- then there are those times that I can’t shut up too ha ha.

David is volunteering at church this weekend. I kind of wish I could find my place with that but right now just isn’t my time. It will happen- just might be a while and I would like to be able to make sure David and I are on the same schedule and what not too. I know right now David is every other week on Sat and Sunday.. so.. we’ll get it all squared away sometime.

Well- for a gal with not a lot going on this turned into a decent post length! Catch ya’ll later <3