lack of oxygen makes you see things

Greetings from the COLD south 🙂 It is about 17 right now if that outside! I am not really sure what the low was.. when I got up about 8 it was 12 I believe…

Yesterday I ended up going to my moms and having one of my fave meals- hamburger, gravy , biscuits and fried potatoes. I also got my emergency money out of the safe. We MIGHT end up making all the bills after all. Especially after I find out what the heck sprint is smoking because there is NO way with my credits from last month and such it should be as high as it is…plus I can always call and delay the payment for it..If I figure it out i’ll let you know lol. I haven’t had a correct bill YET with them. I did get my AT&T final bill and HA HA HA HA is all i can say on that note lol.

This morning I was all muccus-y so I finally just got up and took a shower. It helped a bit .. then David actually gave Marley a bath! I was like I guess oxygen deprvation makes you see stuff lol. Usually we take her to my moms and give her a bath but since it has been so YUCK cold out we just hadn’t got to it yet.

Right now I am having a MAJOR Sub craving. The only thing is we really dont need to spend any money to eat out- I honestly do have money to go grocery shopping.. but I haven’t went yet. Also the only sub places that I consider decent are semi close but I don’t think I feel like really being out and about either! *sigh* I really need to come up with a grocery list and some new meal options for sure. I am SO sick of almost anything that I make..UGH I am seriously about to grab cook books and magazines and make david look too lol.

I am on my HEALTHY kick again. Starting today i’m back to water/green tea no soda kick. ..which I generally do well with because I only have soda at my moms usually .. but I could do a bit better with the water. I need to get some fruit for my infuser!

I am also hoping to start tanning too.. I was going to start this week but with the cold and nasty weather ..I didn’t want to get started and then have to stop and loose days..

Well— I am off of here to see what I can get into! Later gators