yesterday was one of the biggest days my site ever saw! it was awesome 🙂

my mom left for virgnia this morning, so i’m officially stuck at the house durring the day until she gets back. it’s ok though i’m pretty much used to it, and i think i’m getting a summer time cold or my allergies are just being extra evil…I don’t really know!

the weather here is SO dreary and icky. and where i haven’t slept right for so long, well this really makes me want to sleep…right through the whole day lol. i guess it doesn’t really matter if i did sleep right through the day, because hey at least i’d get caught up on my sleep!

i’m also catching up on all the eating i missed out on last week lol. i don’t know but my appetite went from where everything i thought of/tried to eat made me sick, to me wanting everything i can find!

i don’t have many plans for today. i’d like to wash some clothes/wash the dishes but honestly, i’ll prob only get the clothes done. and clean sammy’s box a lil bit. other than that i’m gonna watch tv/nap the day away.

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