left to my own…something another lol

this weekend my parents are going to virginia to redo my g.grandma’s bedroom (omg it seriously has been almost a month I can’t believe that!) and I still haven’t processed the whole sittuation! I guess my subconcious processes it, because I have dreams about her, and even really crazy dreams about her at times.

like i said my yardsale is a no go, so I got two choices basically. sit here at the house, just like i do every other day, or go to david’s dads while they are trying to move shit. I guess i should back up and tell the story or at least a condensed version of the story on whats going on in that sittuation.

davids mom & dad split in nov. as in my MIL left him for a guy that is 31 (and my ex bf tim would be 31 right now, so whoa way to rob the cradle!) anyways, he ended up loosing his job for some stupid reasons,and basically his own fault, so he can’t collect unemployment and on and on. and he’s honest to god i swear..too lazy to go get a job…soo he’s gonna be getting kicked out of the apt. pretty soon. i’m sorry but if you can’t help yourself, honestly there is no help for you!

sometime when i have nothing on gods green earth to blog about i’ll give you somemore details to ponder on the whole sittuation.

so anyways david is supposed to go over there saturday and help move some of the big furniture out, as in they gave some away, and some is going to the trash. good thing about going for me is i pick up 3g coverage/or wi fi… lol and if i have some videos to do for eden fantasys (i have two i promised i wanted to do and havent yet) they’d upload in a flash! the way i am though, i’ll have them done and uploaded by then!

my mom came over today (yes subject change) and we went here & there. went in goodwill and didn’t find anything..went in biglots and she bought some color for my hair, and I found a playboy loofah and some playboy bath gel!! (I swear I would take pics but my battery is dead on camera, and the phone wont take pics when tethering!) maybe after i find the charger and charge it up though!

*i would have had ALOT OF PICS if i wouldn’t have let david delete the hd2 memory card w/out thinking. or if he would have let them back up to online*  🙁 thankfully this mytouch has the ability to send STRAIGHT TO FLICKR. its like a dream!!

walmart, i think we just got her pics printed off and in the dollar tree she got me some potpouri (liquid, for my little pot) and in dollar general some light bulbs for my night light lol (this house is insanely dark w/out)

we put the hd2 online on craigslist just for fun. i told that it went for a swim/everything was red in the back..didn’t expect to hear anything and w/in 5 min had texts right and left about it. someone offered 100 and i was like omg for real?? so david has been gone to meet them …they gave 110 so eh… you know whatever thats awesome in my opinion for a broke phone!!

well i’m out for now. i have some links to take down/and some to add…prob do that after while. i’m trying to get my last product review done s o i can say i’m caught up!! also gonna  comment some 🙂

see ya around