lets clean! the house, the site..

Hey! I was thinking I would take a few minutes and write up a “regular” post since I hadn’t in a while. I am trying to use the netbook today, and frankly after using my laptop for the last few weeks (I call the netbook the computer that betrayed me lol) it is driving me nuts! There are no bookmarks, history,plugins, etc! Ugh!

Anyways, I have a review to get up and a giveaway (remember that review I did for bigfish games) and a few other misc. posts.. The only problem is i’m in a tear the house apart and clean out junk mood! lol

I have been hunting for themes all morning for the site as well. found 2 but they didn’t really pan out. I am also planning to move MOST of the blogroll to the exits page..if you’re one of my absolute besties you’ll still be on the side bar though! speaking of the side bar and some of the recent posts I don’t know why stuff is showing up in italics again! I must have forgot to close a tag on a post and goodness only knows which one!

David has to take vacation before June 1, so he will be off his regular fri-sunday this week + monday (memorial day) and then wed-tuesday! (work tuesday, then wed-thurs for vaction normal fri-sun, and mon & tues for vacation again for reviewers retreat!) I best get on the ball and get things caught up because things will be very hectic VERY soon.

Speed Street starts tomorrow night as well, but I’m not sure if we will bother going. The last time we went it sucked, and the last 2 years we were going to go but it came horrible storms. I kind of sort of wanted to go to my grandparents with my mom and dad this weekend but..meh.. i’ll just hold off till the fathers day weekend (family reunion/david & my 5 year anniversary!)

Well, I promise more updates later.. going to eat a bite of lunch and plan out what i’m going to get done today (hopefully something. I spent last week with a headache and most of the week reading 50 shades of grey, which is my new obsession. I plan to re-read them all!)