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Hey Everyone

I hope the new year is going great for everyone, I can’t complain! I just haven’t really had a the chance to sit and blog in the last few days. David was off of work from Noon on last wed and went back to work on Monday. During that time we just chilled around the house and didn’t really get into a whole awful lot, but there is nothing wrong with that! We actual went late Friday night and picked his brother up andΒ  then we had a little mini football shin dig on saturday with some beer and wings πŸ™‚

Sunday we ended up going to sprint to see what we could get done about our cell phone bill , because AT&T is SO expensive for no more than what we get. We ended up getting the contracts bought out (well- by the time we get said and done I should have quite a pretty penny towards the cancellation) and 3 lines transferred over (Mine, David’s, his moms) and also new phones and 2 samsung tablets which were FREE. Also we went from 3GB of web to 20GB of web and will be saving about $140 or so a month so.. good stuff πŸ™‚ It took us a while to get things switched out though I think we were there 2 1/2 hours! For some reason Davids phone # didn’t want to port of course! It actually didn’t work until later that evening!

One of our Tablets has a snafu.. .the voice controls don’t work so we need to take that back and get it taken care of as well…If there is a lemon in the batch it will find me!

Yesterday I went over to my moms with Marley.. I knew we were going to have dinner over there so I didn’t want to have to drive at night so I had her just come pick us up. She was in a coupon frenzy mode cutting and shorting and what not so I didn’t end up having her color and cut my hair πŸ™‚ That just gives me something another to do another day though πŸ™‚

By the time we left my moms and got home it was already turning REALLY cold outside Not that it was WARM by any means yesterday! The way the clouds were and the breezes, I was swearing it was snow on the way …even though I knew we weren’t supposed to get any. Anywho.. David wanted to run out to walmart so I was like oh I guess..I wanted to get out of the house for a bit. Anyways.. I bundled up and the winds were crazy insane and it was about 24 degrees at that point!

David ended up getting a FROSTY at wendys I was like dude you are crazy lol…

it was 8 when we got up this morning and I think it has warmed up to about 24 or so. Usually when it is under 30 they don’t work where David and Dad work but they did this go around so I was shocked. Not that we can’t use the money because we sure can, it is just that is a bit extreme to work outside in this kind of cold! I think we are expecting a wintry mix on monday but I really hope not. I swear you cannot tell that I used to live in boone. You should have seen marley and me when we went out while ago. I had her in her hoodie with the hood actually over her head, and I had one sweatpants, long socks, t-shirt/hoodie and huge coat!

Anyways- I hope to get back into the blogging thing ASAP. I have been having lots of ideas and such I have just been occupying myself with copious amounts of tv, being domestic and all that kind of thing which is sometimes the best thing to do to help get your blogging mojo back πŸ™‚Β  I have 2 reviews coming up(Bible & #Cube) and am working on lining up some others. πŸ™‚

I think tonight David and I are going to get out and go eat out which is something we haven’t been doing lately (I know .. that has been a goal of ours for a good while!) because our favorite local restaurant does fajitas on Thursday nights and with all the holidays and such we haven’t got to go in a while!

Anyways.. i’m gonna run and get a few things in the house out, then bundle up to take Marley out before David gets home … Heres to me blogging more and maybe getting a little bit more web stuff going. I swear I cannot wait until March when the time changes back!


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    Congrats on the better deal AND the free tablets! πŸ˜€ I actually went TO AT&T two years ago, but that was for a compensated review at the time, so the out-of-pocket costs were minimal. No free tablets though, so I’m definitejy jealous, lol. I do remember the process taking a while… we were there for a good hour, left to have lunch, then came back and probably spent another 30 minutes getting everything situated! Oh well, it’s worth it for the savings, right? πŸ™‚

    This cold sucks, doesn’t it? It makes me incredibly lethargic. Getting out of bed in the morning is SO hard. I actually have one of those “natural” sunlight lamps to try and give me an energy boost…I hate all of this darkness! And like you, I don’t understand people who can eat milkshakes and ice cream in the winter. Brrr — too cold!
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