Let’s go a bit more light hearted!

DRlogofor AR

Phew, I have to get us on a subject a little more “light” after that last post, which I still am not sure that I feel that I should have posted even though it was as vague as vague could get!

Yesterday I had one of these weak episodes that I have every rare moon- I haven’t had one for YEARS.. I used to have them when I worked at the Salvation Army and my mom would have to come get me and I would have to go home and sleep it off,and David would just bring the car to the house in the evenings- like back when we were dating. I also had one one time and ate an entire batch of fried chicken my mom had made for my dad and I for dinner before she went to work- because it makes me STARVED.. it is basically this feeling that all of your energy has ran out so you feel week, trembly, starved and maybe a slight headache to boot.

I always swear it feels like my blood is running backwards- I know it is odd but if it ever happened to you, you would understand lol … Anyways it kind of starts off feeling like you are just having a bad blood sugar drop or a caffiene crash.. I at first thought it was the low blood sugar so I tried to eat a lot of sweets but no dice. It was already so late in the day and I didn’t want to sleep which is honestly all that will help but I laid down anyways.. it helped but I kind of had it the rest of the evening.  Crazy stuff.. can’t believe I had one after all these years!

Today I am on it on the housework and blog work!  More the blog work – I don’t have too horribly much that needs done in the house thankfully. I would have LOVED to get to go over to my moms for a hair cut but the day had pretty much got away from me before I even had the thought lol so I guess I will try sometime this weekend 🙂 I am having horrid dinner /food /meal block because I swear I just want the easiest stuff possible and i kind of need a trip to the store lol.

Not sure of weekend festivities at this point. I know David has to work his half a day and I know that pastor steven will be back at church tomorrow and starting a new series and with the concert coming up for our church I would like to go to church and get back in the correct “spirit” i suppose … I am looking forward to that concert TONS! I was so sad we missed it by less than 2 weeks last year- thats when we started attending -about 10 days after the concert! This year we found out about it on David’s birthday so I have been waiting almost 2 months!  It is at the same place the winter jam was and David is going to either take a vacation day or get off early so we can get there and get seats that don’t cause me to have a panic attack!

Anyways- I am off of here to see what else Me and the fur bebes can get into today! I am sure since I am so rambly you are bound to hear from me more today/this weekend 🙂