Let’s hope for some blogging mojo through the weekend :)

DRlogofor ARHey there Everyone!  I was hoping to get really into some blogging today but .. let me back up to last night and maybe you will understand why I didn’t so much!

When we got back from eating I wasn’t really feeling so awesome. I ended up going to bed about 8:45 by 10:15 I was up with weird cramps and nausea. I kinda was up and down and was playing on the tablet on The Social Blogging Society facebook group and even on different instagram collage/pic apps playing for most of the night because David was up playing his war game on the phone.  It was probably well after 2 before I even got to sleep- hence feeling drained most of the day

I spent the biggest part of the day watching Pretty Little Liars and then took a huge nap!  This evening I have been playing around with my 3 reviews I want to get written so they can go up as needed for the last little while – all at one time! I kind of just write a little on each and kind of just keep going and before I know it they start all coming together 🙂 Insanity I know- but it works for me 🙂

Not a lot of plans for the weekend- david took today off work (seriously I am not really sure WHY but he did lol. I know that his mom is supposed to be coming over tomorrow and maybe his brother and dad ? I don’t know. Supposed to be going to church and that is ALL i know! sometimes it is truly better just not to know!

I have been keeping a list of random stuff I want to write about on here, so that is a cool thing that way when I am out of ideas I will have something to fall back on if I do not find a writing challenge to participate in lol.

well this was kind of just a post for the sake of posting .. here is hoping for blogging mojo and such through the weekend 🙂