lets settle rumours. i am still alive.

oh dear god. when was the last time i updated?
if we would have had school during the last week I would have been more able to update.
oh well. we have school today so here I am.
I don’t barely get online anymore…i am so out of it from packing and such. so please forgive me if i havent been to your site and commented in the last week. and forgive me if i don’t make it by for another week or so (even though i plan to make the most of my time here in class and get to everyones site!)

anyways… i have been packing my little ass off. most of it I am doing myself because my mom has better things to do apparently and david just drives me mad. soo.. i am pretty well out of it. and the fact that i got about 2 hrs of sleep last night. ha.yeah.

only thing really interesting that has happened to me was last saturday david and i went and played pool and i actually got a little tipsy in public…

ok well this was kind of pointless yes. i just want to check in with everyone….

more eventually.
ps: it has taken me forever to write this post because i cant type worth nothing today. i actually wrote my name as nicohel


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    Haha I love days like that where even typing is incoherent. I am glad you had fun out playing pool. It sort of makes me want to go play pool now. It’s so much fun!