long boring summer days!!

Not alot going on with me! trying to get some of my reviews going, and get caught up on things around the house. I wanted to have a yardsale this weekend but there is nothing working in it’s favor

a. mom is going to be out of town. there went my opp. to have it at the auto part store…cuz her and dad would have to use the truck to bring my stuff out there.

b. david is helping his dad move out some of his stuff, so he is in a hurry to get over there, doesn’t want to give me time to have said yardsale.

c. I don’t have any money to use for change πŸ™

I would say i’d have it next weekend, but i think david & i are going to try to go to my grandparents (we were gonna go to TN. but thats a cursed idea. everytime we try to go something bad happens. last time g.grandma died, this time we had phone incident)

Anyways…things are BORING around here in my world. I am posting a little bit at serenity when i drag my lazy self online, but other than that most everything is at a stand stilL!

i’m going to be cleaning out the links on the sidebar soon….fair warning!!! πŸ™‚

i’m off to eat something, read a little and… go to bed! moms comming over tomorrow since she’s going to get a tag renewal. i always go with her cuz she goes to dollar tree and goodwill and buys me stuff lol.


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    Garage sales are fun – I wish I would have thought of that earlier…I do need to clean out my room though, maybe I’ll try that πŸ™‚

    I just went through my clothes and put them on a livejournal community and sold a few, but not enough πŸ™

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    Aw, sorry your yard sale plans fell though. It’s messed up those things happened, but you don’t really think your visit to TN made it happen, right? What did you read? Goodwill rocks!