lost memories

I have been looking for a while for my old journals and papers that used to write that i called “random” which were journals that i just wrote on loose leaf notebook paper. I finally found one of my 2 journals that i have been searching for

the papers. well. they are VERY missing in action. these are memories that i don’t wont lost. they were from as far back as 12th grade and spanned through the appalachian years. very detailed things about me and certain boys.and various things that have happened to me over the years.

they were lost before and i like to never found them back. i have a knack for hiding them in places to keep people from reading them, and then i can’t remember where i put them!

i have been looking for them since before christmas.i think the only logical possibility is i have slipped them into one of my school notebooks to conceal them from nosey eyes, and i have forgotten. i am hoping at least. all of those notebooks are at moms in a tub, so i am anxious to relook for them there.

its funny because instead of taking notes in my classes i was always lost in thought writting things down. i wish i had continued the trend. i havent wrote in a journal in more years than i can remember!

shadow is stil a cat on the prowl apparently. i havent gave up hope…someone saw him thursday..but they didn’t get him scooped up so that i could go pick him up 🙁 boo. i miss fur man!!

i think its hillarious i can drink 6 shots of vodka and still want to party but by the time i drink 3 wine coolers i want to pass out lol.

anyways more later



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    I’m sorry that you lost your journals. I hate when I lose things like that. Maybe they will turn up when and where you least expect them!