Luckily, No one was hurt, killed, ended up in the ER Or Jail! :D

Hey Everyone!

Well Yesterday quickly evolved into one of those days where you , at the end of it, are shocked that no one ended up in the ER or in Jail or maybe even both. I would go into details but honestly.. some poeple just need to grow up, get a life, and pay attention!  *sigh*  Even with that all aside when David FINALLY got home after dealing with drama at around 830 we still had to go out to walmart to get sam some food and some drinks for the house.

I felt like I had heartburn before we left the house but it quickly evolved into some wheezy asthma mess – I have been doing REALLY well since we changed air filters, bought the air purifier and I have a my purmist with the scent pads and everything! I also slather myself with vicks vapo rub too! Well.. the my purmist is awesome but it is NOT portable so after the “attack” comes on full fledged there is not a whole lot to do to stop it other than take a nasty primatene !

I was wheezing and whatnot the entire time david took a shower and had already decided to take a primatene.. I honestly thought David was just doing whatever.. I no sooner swallow the stupid things and he comes in there with his e-cig vape thingy and had put my inhaler solution in it! We had tried this before with a different e-cig and it wouldn’t work. Anyways, it generally takes a good while for primatene to start helping.. and I puffed that little e-cig and BAM it was almost instant!

I had read before that now that you can’t get my inhalers/if yours happens to break to try an e-cig and it made since but we just hadn’t been able to get it to work before. I guess that gets to justify the amount of moeny david spent on it right? I wish I could justify mine other than it is pretty and you can charge things on it lol.

It is nice though to have an option that is portable because the purmist is TOTALLY not because it is huge and has to be plugged in.YAY

Today I have been coming up with a meal plan & grocery list for the next 14 days. I know that we will probably eat at my moms a few times so that will help too. She will be leaving on Monday I think to go to my grandmas because my grandma has to have that pin took out of her ankle sometime another next week. Anyways, I have came up with a pretty basic list of things to get for meals and with just a few items I should be able to make 10 of my 14 meals right from the list! 🙂 Just need to get some snacks, something for lunch, and drinks. I think with going to aldis the only thing expensive will be getting the buffalo chicken strips and decent hotdogs (walmart).

We ran short on Davids check because of his dentist appointments, and for some reason he didn’t do the whole putting back half of rent thing…we have the car money, but I wanted to put that back but it isn’t looking like that is going to happen.. Heck it will work out some how it always does. Basically rent and the car payment will be the whole check. I really just need to come up with food and gas money.. UGH! These apartments are just TOO much but we still have a huge time left on the lease and honestly I do NOT feel like moving at this point.. and really there isn’t anywhere even close that would be any cheaper…but that is another post for another time right?

Well I am out.. I have the patio door open and I need to see what the day is going to bring.. it might bring me in the closet finding something to wear to the Carolina Bloggers Meetup on Saturday. I did buy a pink dress at walmart last night but with all my dying i couldn’t decide if I liked it or not lol.

Later Gators