Maid Savvy -House Cleaning Service in Charlotte, N.C.



One thing I can honestly say is , that if David was not so nit-picky with having the house cleaned a certain way- and he is- it has to be done HIS way and BY HIM or it just isn’t right- I guess there are worse things than being OCD with cleaning your house- even though my dad swears he is going to clean away the “good stuff” too at some point (lol) is that I would totally not mind having someone come in and clean up for us every now and again because I think that it would be a welcome break myself!

One of the options in the Charlotte, NC area is called Maid Savvy, and since I can’t convince David to let someone else come in every now and again and let them take care of things, maybe I should consider having him work with them on the weekends or something like that! Anyways one of my favorite things about them right off the bat is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CALL AND TALK TO ANY ONE throughout the process! I totally hate talking on the phone (says the gal who has at many points in her life carried two cell phones!) It also only takes you about 60 seconds to make your appointment as well!

Maid Savvy Covers up to a 30 mile radius of the Charlotte area, which when you think about it takes in a lot of places that I wouldn’t have thought were that close to the area including places like Fort Mill, SC; Concord, NC; Indian Trail, NC; Huntersville, NC; Mount Holly, NC; Matthews, NC; Cornelius, NC; Davidson, NC; Gastonia, NC; Kannapolis, NC; Uptown; Myers Park; Ballantyne; South End; Dilworth; NoDa; Plaza-Midwood; Sherwood Forest; Eastland; Marvin; Stonecrest; Blakeney; and Waxhaw

Here are some other highlights about Maid Savvy


  • Fully insured & background checked
  • Flat rate pricing. NO Calls. NO Quotes
  • 256 bit Secure online payment
  • 100% Guarantee-Not happy? We re-clean For Free
  • Maids bring all supplies
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Immediate booking confirmation
  • Locally owned and operated in Charlotte

As far as what you can expect from the Maids from Maid Savvy:


  • Experienced and professional
  • Background checked
  • English speaking
  • Highly rated by other customers

Another highlight for me is that they offer PET FRIENDLY cleaning services! You know how much I love my fur babes Marley and Sam and that I would HATE to have someone in here where I would have to put them up or take them somewhere while I was getting my house cleaned- I know that when they come in here to do things even around the apartment from the apartment place they want you to stick your pets away and I don’t like that!

They CLEAN TONS of things in their flat rate packages including pretty much anything you can think of that would be something that you could include , such as floors, wiping up, removing trash,etc. There are a few things that they don’t offer such as lifting heavy furniture, cleaning outside windows and that kind of thing! For a complete list of  what they include and don’t include you can check out the Pricing for Maid savvy Cleaning services page!

As far as pricing I found it quite reasonable in my opinion for doing the kind of work that they come in and do and the fact that they spend about an hour per room from what I have read. You can request Green cleaning products to be used, which would be great for me and my asthma as well.

There are a few extra services you can add on at the end of your order including:

I find that the range of services that are offered are really all inclusive and well priced, and if I am ever in the market to have the house cleaned or even help my mom out or someone else local in the family in the future I would be willing to give Maid Savvy a try! You Never know when someone might have to have surgery or is sick or something of that nature and I would need to help or need help myself!
Maid Savvy is currently doing a giveaway of their cleaning services, and it is very simple to enter:Raggamuffin

How easy is that? just go by their site and put in your email in the bar at the top of their site and you might be able to win a free cleaning for you house!  It isn’t complicated, you don’t have to jump through hoops!   I know that for me cleaning in the summertime is absolutely the one time I don’t feel like doing it , because of the heat so what more a perfect time to try to find someone that would do it for me! So if you are in a 30 mile range of Charlotte.. .or no someone who is .. stop by and enter!