Making it Happen <3

DRlogofor ARHey Everyone!
I am up bright & early trying to get a few things done blogging wise since I have been a bit neglectful as of late! Things are flowing well so far and I hope to at least pop one, if not two reviews up today 🙂 I am more than behind – thanks heat and whatnot lol. Anyways-  fun stuff 🙂

I got some awesome news on Monday, and I want to write a separate blog post to highlight that so I will keep it on the hush hush until then 🙂 let’s put it this way it kinda sparked the blogging mojo back into me which is awesome because  I haven’t had a lot of luck with that as of late and I was feeling pretty low… this will be an awesome opp from now-march of next year + I will more than likely get to continue on after that. It will give David and I something to do on days off & weekends as well which is REALLY awesome 🙂

I am hoping that somewhere along the lines this summer I stumble upon an awesome blogging challenge that I could do on here/ southern-belle. OH MY GOD that poor site I never ever get anything done there lol. it honestly still has the “new blog smell” lol EH.. eventually 🙂 I kinda like having the name anyways ha ha.

I have thought about getting back into not so much of well I did this and blah blah but kinda some deep thoughts and reflective what not blog posts but I just haven’t made that leap. I get trolled enough as it is.. *sigh* I have also thought about turning comments off on most entries but we’ll see how that goes. I just want to mix things up a bit.

Well.. I realize this is a shorter post than usual, but I did want to touch base. I need to keep flowing on the review I am working on so I am going to go get some more coffee and get on that!

Later Gators