Marley gets all the compliments :)

Hi There Everyone!

Well the weekend was a nice and laid back one! Saturday David and I pretty much just hung out around the house. We did go eat at which wich (omg I have one less than 10 minutes from me now lol) and other than that we just enjoyed being at home for the first time in forever without anyone else around!

Sunday we took Marley up to L-Town (Where I used to live) because one of the pet grooming places that is local was doing a free teeth/ear cleaning and nail trim to drum up business since they had moved locations. We also ended up making a appointment to take her up there this coming saturday for a bath since it is only $10! Sunday was Marley’s day for compliments and love all around! The girls at the grooming place were loving her up! Then we were in the parking lot of little ceasars with David’s dad and this tiny little fellow spotted her in the car and had his dad hold him up so he could see her and was waving and blowing kisses! Then David and I were going through the drive through at popeyes and the girls in the drive thru were just fawning over her. THEN.. we pulled back in here at the apartments and some little girls caught site of her and were waving and going “aw”

Sunday we decided to nip Davids dads obsession with coming over and having a cook out and going to the pool.. even though we had just ate we could at least knock the bugging us incessantly about the pool! I think all it did was fan the flames. It was fun though to actually go down there even though I just laid around and read a book , listened to my ipod and people watched 🙂 Def. want to go back down there and spend some time soonest!

Yesterday we went to moms and had a memorial day lunch with my parents and then we came home and lounged about again. We had planned to go down to the pool after we went to walmart for a few things but we ended up getting a REALLY nasty storm. I mean it was raining like 2 inches in an hour with winds up to 60 mph , quarter sized hail and everything and tons of lightening. When it was finally over we were kind of just out of the mood to go down there lol.

Well I am doing the million and one things needs done in the house and online since I took the weekend off sort of thing, so I am gonna get going on a few other things that I need to do right now, and I will catch ya’ll later gators 🙂