me. me. I am here somewhere.

I swear I will never be the old me. Everytime I get going in the right direction something snags me back the other way. Right now i’m fighting off said nasty lung infection and the period from, well, there is no nice way to put it. HELL!

I had been having some weird twinges in my back/sides/female areas…but I really didn’t associate with my period. (stupid me, no?) I have also been having some extra nice wicked headaches…

So anyways last night when I went to get david I started getting a headache /twingies.. but I just chalked it up to hunger/tired./whatever..which it could have had a little to do with.

We stop by target (ok well thats like 30 min away) and pay off our tv, I was so sick I couldn’t even go in. Then we go in olive garden they were crowded as heck, but we got right in because we sat at tables in the bar area. I immeadiately took some advil. I felt a BIT better in a few min but still shaky/weak/etc

i ate a bit of soup..and then went and got very sick in the bathroom 🙁 came back tried to eat some brushetta/breadsticks/rest of my meal.  I was heavily bleeding and getting weak. We stopped by best buy and I was sick again (thankfully I brought all the food home from olive garden!)

David dropped me off at home after I cried all the way home from pain and nausea…he had to go to walmart for lunch items. I came home showered, got more advil and laid down. i finally passed out into sleep.

I am doing a bit better today..thankfully.. i still feel gutted though 🙁

We have company coming in at my moms tonight and I need to make an apperence so I have got to pull it together.

so reviews, commenting, and more blog goodness coming at you as soon as I can pull them together!(and me!)