Headache-3 Nichole-0 if anyone was wondering 🙁 seriously…

I haven’t done much today..honestly I did so good with cleaning out closets (well, cleaning up the closets) Last week…plus I’m pretty caught up online (except commenting, i know i know..)

My mom had thought she was going ot have to have gallbladder surgery.. CVS minute clinc told her yesterday to go to ER and be admitted. With the way her insurance is, she couldn’t just go on her own, she has to go to reg. family dr. well, they were also telling her her gallbladder had went acute..

When she went for an ultrasound and more bloodwork this morning they are now thinking her thyroid is majorly out of whack…they have her on some meds and such so hopefully the will take effect soon for her! She’s queezy and can’t eat and on and on 🙁

I swear with everything in me I think i’m pregnant, but I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and apparently they don’t agree 🙁 I don’t ever remember being this moody and stuff in my life.. I guess time will tell…

I still haven’t got to go to the store..and I am so sick of like everything under the sun food wise! ughers!

I have a craving for white rice and brown gravy, and i’m expecting some money via paypal…if it comes through i’m gonna go have some tonight! 🙂

well i’m out. gonna take a shower and chill before david gets home. I am not sure if he is off at 3 or 330 today..they have been switching it up here the last few days..sometimes he goes in at 7 and sometimes 730 as well..

catch ya latter

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