memorial day catch up day!


How is everyone’s memorial day going? mine is ok.. not really a lot going on! we went over to my mom  and dads this morning and had lunch..I got my hair done and that was pretty much it!

I have been working to get all of my paid posts & various reviews many as possible is my goal today! Right now I still have 1 review and a giveaway to get up but I don’t know if I will manage to that today or not..I figure that it is very likely because while i’m on a roll I might as well go with it, because who knows when the mood will strike me again! I also have 3 reviews in the Q at grits..but I think i might hold off on those as well!

Tomorrow is the only day that david works between now and next wed! Of course we will be heading to reviewers retreat on sunday-tuesday but goodness that is a long time lol. It’s all good though!

Right now it is so cloudy out but according to all the weather I can find we aren’t expecting any rain ..

I am really hopeful to get the majority of my writing and such up today that way I don’t have to do anything online major for the rest of the week. I just hate the feeling that I have something to get up and don’t! I also need to take some time and clean up my closet and such that way I can pack for reviewers retreat!

Well…more later