memories from childhood: I do remember a few things!

Something I always enjoyed as a kid was going to the playground/park, but we always lived outside of town , so I rarely got to go unless it was on a field trip and we happened to stop off at one!

I can remember back in the early 90’s I got to go home for the afternoon with my 2nd grade teacher, who was my favorite teacher of all time. (I actually ran into her a couple weeks ago and it was awesome!) I thought it was the neatest thing ever to get to go home with her for reading so many books, and my best friend at the time got to go the same day I did!

We went to mcdonalds, and then to the park right up from where I live now! I can remember them having an awesome playground slide but they don’t have it anymore! It was one of those spirely ones too ! Funny the things you can remember sometimes!