million things to do this weekend

Hey Everyone

Well.. This is the first time i have wrote a post this late in a really long time! I have been a busy busy gal ever since mostly this afternoon!

I didn’t feel so peachy when David left so I went ahead and slept in.. Then when I got up I still was just meh, so I kind of took it easy for a while and yeah.. lets see

David came home for lunch and I made him one of my famous pepperoni on french bread sandwiches. He had to get his dirty work jeans to take to work to be cleaned since he had forgot them this morning. Then I was busy making the bed, and washing clothes , making dinner, etc etc.  Next thing I knew it was time for David to be home!

I found out that my moms neighborhood is having a yardsale next Sat.. what warning I had on that one lol. Anyways my mom said she was going to try to have some stuff out so I decided to start combing the house for yardsale goods. That is what I have been doing the majority of the evening and time has really got away from me!

I feel like I have a million things to do this weekend- I want to write at least one review if not 2 (I have the o.k on 2 to wait, and one of the two I want to write I am not getting a response from my PR gal) Then I need to keep going through yardsale stuff(my closet alone might take 2 days lol) go to the grocery store, go to church, have lunch/dinner at my moms (thats sunday) and start tanning FOR REAL FOR REAL. There are clothes that need put away and who knows what I have left out!

Right now it is almost midnight and I am about to sign off of here for a while go get in the bed and read on the kindle. When I first started writing this I thought I would have more to say,but since I sat down I am starting to crash lol.

well more coming later this weekend of course.. later gators