missing pics,tidying,etc

you know i have several pics of sam/and the snow and a few random pics where i was trying to do 365 that i never put up. oyyy. maybe i’ll eventually get around to it!!

i have been trying to tidy up the house (you wouldn’t belive that i have not put everything up from when we moved yet lol) plus i think i have some sort of bacterial infection. i know its not really allergies because i’m taking my allergy meds, and they are working wonders. i just still have some sort of funk. my humidifier helps alot though!

i am trying to do the wii fit at least 30 minutes every day. trying to clean out for my yardsale. etc. i really haven’t been online..alot of times david has the blackberry and then with other things..it just hasnt been panning out.

i did make it around to visit & comment though 🙂
more latter