Monday came and I wanted David to stay home!

Hi Everyone!

The being caught up over the weekend thing has got to be rather nice! Though, I do get a little bored! I know I could have checked in with ya’ll but I just decided to wait until today!

Friday was the longest day EVER. We went to take Davids phone back to walmart because we had decided to not go with Verizon right now (honestly it was to much to cancel the AT&T and I really couldn’t find a phone I wanted) Anyways, We went to take it back, waited 20 minutes at our walmart to get a gal that could do it just to find out that we had to take it back to the store it was purchased at!

SO. We went down there( where my mom and dad lives…which is about 20-30 minutes away) and waited FOREVER to find out that david left the charger cord at home! So … I don’t know if I had mentioned this before, but while David was getting the iphone on wed. evening his license disappeared and were no where to be found! So…We go to the DMV to take care of that just to realize we had to pay with check or cash, so we come on to the house, get the missing cord and go back to the DMV. I hate to admit it but that was actually the simplest part of the day!

We go back to walmart wait and wait and then it took them forever to get the line cancelled and everything! Beyond annoying!

We came home and took a nap and then .. I don’t even know what we ended up doing lol. We were pretty wiped out.

Saturday is a blur …I know we stayed home just like yesterday. We didn’t get into anything just sitting here watching football/playing games and what not…Oh and PS, I found Davids license in his shirt pocket when I was getting ready to do laundry!!

Sometime another I started my female time again! I think it was late saturday or sometime yesterday. I honestly can’t remember because we stayed up late a lot and stuff starts to blend together. Anyways ever since last night it has really picked up and is trying to kill me. 🙁 I just had mine not three weeks ago and I had been spotting ever since..which happens to me but.. I really don’t think that the last one was my period. This one is more period like to me ,and it is BAD! Kind of reminds me of that one a few years back that I had …Thank God for a high pain threshhold no?

David told me to just stay in bed today and not worry about doing nothing in the house, and I am taking him up on the offer! We finally got my stuff (most of it) hung in my office and now I am having to work from my bed, go figure. The only thing I plan to do in the house is to go soak a bucket of of my undies and wash dishes but that will be way later on! I have beef tips cooking in the crockpot in that awesome recipe sauce I found at target and …yeah at least I don’t have to do much with cooking, just throw in some brown gravy and potatoes at the end!

So I will be sitting here catching up on emails and the like and hanging out on the BE group on FB! Probably a nap later on, but I just realized it is after 12 and I haven’t ate lunch So I think I am going to take care of that first!

Catch ya’ll later