monday monday

my transcription teacher who I have had for about 8 other classes and have dearly loved and enjoyed having is seriously beginning to get on my last nerves. for example. things in her class 99.99 % of the time are due at the same time on the same day of the week…for example homework due wed. by midnight. well this semester shes got stuff due randomly all over the place. tests are supposed to be due monday by 9p.m well I wake up at 10:15 this morning todiscover my test was due at 10a.m! i guess i’m gonna have to do some better keeping up with these things.

so now my day is totally out of whack. then again this is me we are talking about … right now i’m trying t o get things ready to make my french beef stew for dinner and clean upthe house a little bit.

nothing too exciting. and if you have flickr or twitter please add me xxpollypocket on both of those. ok i’m out more latter 🙂

xxo ng