Monkey Wrench in Plans

DRlogofor ARWell Today isn’t going the way I had planned for sure.. .David ended up taking the day off of work (thankfully he had vacation days now) He didn’t feel well when he came home from work yesterday evening and it kind of just lingered on until he pretty well just didn’t get any sleep last night.  He has really only ever called in 2x ever so it’s not a huge deal and like I say he has vacation time but still.. I was kinda hopeful he would try for half a day but he’s still in bed as I write this , so I am gonna figure not so much.

My mom had sent me a message early this morning about coming over there today and hanging out and having dinner , so I had to push that back until tomorrow…which is fine but I had hoped to get up today & tomorrow and possibly friday and going to town on finding yardsale goodies *yes my elusive yardsale lol* but . now I am not so sure. Eh.. I kinda like when things get mixed up sometimes lol.

I did manage to go down to the pool again last night around 8:30 …I think pretty well it clears out around 8ish which is fine and I did actually get in.. I would have stayed longer but it was Pretty Little Liars night and I wanted to get home and watch it. I actually was NOT impressed by the episode. I might need to watch it again but it seemed really slow and not like a whole lot happened to me…

I am trying to decide on dinner.. I am down to the nitty gritty stuff to make – I do have enough to make it through pay day I believe, but its kinda the MEH menu lol. I don’t know I guess BBQ and Chicken Chilli and such aren’t horrid by any means but I am wanting some hotdogs big time!

I have the BLUES bigtime about a few things but I am not going to write about them so much. It just really sucks we are pretty well stuck here another 15 months.. UGH.. I just don’t see how that is going to work out at all.. I keep crossing my fingers n toes that Betty will call with something available .. I hate the thought of packing up and ew having to live back in L town but I am willing to do it.

I think I also get a bit bummed when $15 could get me everything I need at the store and I can’t get a paid post /borrow it from Anyone. honestly I just need some green tea and soda.. so not even $15.. I have $2.15 in paypal and thats it.. and insurance was dues TODAY .. UGHERS! but like i say it is what it is and it will work out. I won’t die 🙂

Well.. I am out for now.. possibly more rambles headed at you later on.. got to get this day going 🙂