More Closet Cleaning & Whatnot

Hey Everyone

Well the weekend came and went rather fast! It seems to do that with David having to work on Fridays now, even though it is just until 3 p/m. I spent a little time messing around in the closets and cleaning out a few things, but nothing major. Then on Saturday we ended up going to target for a few things, but for some reason they were out of almost everything i went for , of course. Sunday we worked in David’s closet on my over flow of stuff that has ended up in there , plus more in my closet. My closet is a huge walk in closet and I haven’t really done a lot of cleaning out in many years so that is why it has taken so long to make some progress. I generally never clean out anything but the clothes so this time I have been concentrating on the “stuff” above all else and have managed to totally eliminate 3 tubs and got a total of 2 bags +4 tubs of stuff cleaned out so far 🙂 This should really help if we get to move, and of course with the yardsale that I am trying to have with my mom in April sometime.

Yesterday I spent the Day with my mom because we are going to my grandmas this weekend and my hair was in desperate need of being cut(length and layers) and colored. I let her go a bit short with it but as long as it was and the thick, I don’t even really care!

This weekend is my grandmas 75th birthday so we are planning to go up there. We are taking Marley with us so that should be interesting for sure. I really don’t mind but I wish David’s family would not act the way they do when it comes to certain things, but what can you say. Both side of his family have been showing themselves lately and I really am not surprised but still…

Well, I am off of here to find some lunch, feed Marley and see what else I can get into…today is just a nasty grey day.. Can’t wait till we get some more warm and sunshine when ever that might be!



  1. J says

    It really shouldn’t be up to David’s family to watch YOUR dog!! I’m sure if they asked you to watch theirs if they had one you would complain so why expect them to watch Marley!?

  2. Nichole says

    I really hope you stop by with your FAKE identity and read my reply to this comment. I already know who you are, so there is no need to hide with you anonymous bitchy comments. I have watched Davids moms dog jersey before, davids dads dog daisy before AND we schlep davids dad EVERYWHERE but god forbid we ask one of them to do something for us! Apparently you don’t really pay attention very much because we ALWAYS have a problem with Davids family doing anything for us, which they never had except cause problems ever since the beginning. We have bent over backwards to help them but we always get everything threw back in out face! You of all people should not stop by and judge me by my in law comments! Also this is my FREAKING BLOG and I will write about what the heck I want and if it is to bitch and let off steam I sure will! If you don’t like it please don’t read it! It is that damn simple!