More “Just Blogging” Rambles

This morning I had a quick convo with david before work about blogging and BE society. I think we have well established that I am taking this blog back to being about ME and all my quirks and daily life and thoughts and things I have written and what not. I started this blog to be an archive of myself, and for the most part it has been but there are things that are lacking and I intend to remedy that! I am actually thinking about going back to LJ/Myspace/old sites and doing some copy/pasting and having those archives here. You wouldn’t believe how different I am now from what I used to be. Though used to be I always had something going on with something and someone. I have to admit I am proud to just be boring plain ole me now though!

I want to be able to have this blog as a reference to things from the past. Say I want to know what I was doing or what was going on on such and such date? I can come here and see that. That has always been my whole thing, I just got sidetracked along the way. I know I am not that fascinating and I only stay at home with a dog and cat all day long but there are sometimes when neat things happen or say I am reading a book and want to write about it here or what not .. suddenly I don’t feel so held back or pressured.. I feel INSPIRED.

As far as BE Society goes I do have a chance to merge it with another group but everyone seems to be resisting the idea.. I will probably end up just going over to the other group and helping out because the girl that owns it and I have such similar goals it is crazy scary.

I think people have got to the point that they are so obsessed with money and getting goodies they have forgot that blogging can be fun. I mean to me I always liked to go read someones posts, comment, interact and get to know them. Now most every site there is, is cookie cuttered with the same sorts of redundant posts over and over. I might be boring and what not but at least my posts mean something to me , if that makes sense? I don’t knock anyone for doing that because I have done that sort of thing…However I always tried to put myself into what was posted here no matter what!

I guess with me I just Dare To be Different 🙂

I will probably continue to spill my thoughts on going back to basic blogging in the next little bit…it is just something that I am really into talking about right now, go figure 🙂