Moving bug has bitten again- sort of- I kinda just want a place of our own at this point in life!

DRlogofor ARHey Everyone

Well according to my weather app it is 89 degrees today… and I totally believe it from when I was out with Marley just a little bit ago. I saw some people going up to the pool but I didn’t think that it was open yet – I know we haven’t got a note that said anything about getting a pool pass or anything- last year they were these orange bracelet things and no one ever wore them. with this being totally different chicks in the office who even knows! I also know that we  got a note about signing a new lease back in march or april and I haven’t saw one yet. I am not going to say that I will sign it but it would be nice to have because we have to let them know by like June 30 if we are planning to leave or not. Also, I don’t want it to come down to where we do the month to month because rent goes up almost 200 bucks.

We SERIOUSLY want to try to get a place of our own but with our credit we are not even sure that it is an option.We have considered going back into town to live because it would be tons cheaper but we really don’t want the drive and the wear and tear on the car and the gas that would have to be consumed for the car as well. We like this area that we are in but it is higher to live here because of the lake. Which I always laugh because we used to live with the lake in my back yard practically when I was younger and it was not even close to being this high!  I am in touch with a real estate gal and a loans gal to see if there is any hope.. I am just saying pay check to pay check is getting a little old…and fast. It has got worse since we moved and doubled our rent- which will go up again in August if we have to sign another lease- Also the car payment is this side of insane too so… Yeah..I know it will work out one way or another 🙂 I am just thinking right there is 800 bucks we used to have or so that we don’t have anymore.. at least with the rent I could do something with that you know?

We did find this cute as a button little house and go to look last night- just drive by and look. as luck would have it, it sold 4 days after being on the market though! I was a bit more than bummed because it was SO FREAKING cute ! I know that we have found houses we have liked in the past and had the same problem because agents don’t seem to keep their under contract listings cleaned out on their sites.

Last night I stayed up LATE … I mean I know at midnight david was gone to get a soda and some snacks at the gas station. We keep saying we need to get in the bed at a decent time but we can’t seem to manage it lol.  It really is because during the day the heat is just SO DRAINING.. I am sometimes guilty of drinking coffee around 4 or so and drinking a few cups… even when I don’t it seems around 6 or so I get OMG AWAKE and then. Yeah…viscous cycle lol. Like i say though some years I do a late night thing .. some years I do the early mornings.. looks like nighttime is trying to win it this year!  I am thinking I am going to have to start shutting our shades in our room and the living room in the daytime to help keep things cool- which will totally pee off Sam especially .. lol I used to do it at the old place and he learned to deal though lol.

Right now I am getting off of here to throw on something clean and I think I will run out to walmart with david when he gets home for a few things. 🙂