moving on /christmas card exchange

saturday was my biggest site day yet with 56 hits, sad i know i get excited if i get more than 3 lol.

anyways i’m done bitching and complaining for now. it is what it is. i just dont like people thinking david is all bad and shit, cuz thats far from the truth. he hasnt ever hit me or anything like that so you know… let bygones be bygones. he doesn’t have it easy having to live with MY parents and maybe getting ready to get laid off. so with that said the previous 2 or 3 posts that directly dealt with the laptop sittuation will now be private.

i rejoined ecstasy message board. trying to get back there, and to lavish and lights. i do better with boards this time of year.

any of my regular readers that might would want to christmas card exchange with me let me know. trying to get an idea of how many cards I need 🙂 of course we can exchange addresses privatey on dm on twitter or email or whatever.

ok more latter. i’m off to comment, work on my myspace/facebook and maybe a few things around here 🙂