Moving right along

Hey There Everyone!

How is it going? Things here are great! I am in one of my early morning let me get a million and one things done moods and I love it. I had started a post on Monday or Tuesday about how I have been having some really nasty coughing spells and difficulty breathing. I think that it is a combo of being allergic to the honeysuckle that is blooming like mad right now and that I might be allergic to something that is actually in the apartment, maybe the carpet? It is brand new and you never know what might be in it is the only thing that I Have came up with so far, especially since it didn’t start till we moved. I have had like 3 really bad attacks and a couple of mild ones. Luckily I haven’t had one since sunday night, (I just had one of those cough a bit/sleep a bit things all night long) Hopefully I am in the home stretch. We have been running humidifiers, changed the air filter and I am taking allegra!

Davids brother Did NOT get the job at David and Dad’s work because of what is on his record (Assault with a deadly weapon anyone?) because it was too much of a liability … they even had the company lawyer involved and everything! We didn’t find out officially until yesterday but we sent him packing off to his dads on Friday because he had gotten his little snotty attitude back and was even doing it to David so it was really getting uncomfortable around here. It is all good with me either way though 🙂

I have several reviews coming up on the site (I know, I know I kinda got out of the habit there for a while) I have Petco (already have a box of awesome goodies) My Thirty One and ItWorks Wraps! I am really looking forward to them! I didn’t think I would ever be in a place where I WANTED to review again after I got so burnt out!

Yesterday my mom and I did a deal at the grocery store where I got 6 boxes of icecream and 5 packs of coke products for like 20 bucks so that was pretty cool. I am also gonna go get spray tanned sometime another this week because it is like 15 bucks and I tend to have better luck with it instead of doing regular tanning. Plus it isn’t as hard to maintain and you don’t have to go every day and all that jazz.

well I am off to find breakfast (ew god really did I just say breakfast lol) comment on all the BE gals who are linked up on our linkys this week and ????? 🙂 Catch ya’ll later gators