Moving Started EARLY!!

So the last time I wrote, I told you all that David and I had decided to move to one of the two orignial places that we were interested in moving, close to my parents and his work! We weren’t supposed to start moving until tomorrow, but when I started packing Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the kitchen we quickly ran out of tubs and boxes and more importantly: SPACE. I had to wait until 1:00 to call but I did manage to call and see if we could pay for we could move some things in early, and they agreed to let me do it! Thankfully!

We took 2 car loads and one Truck load on Sunday(My dad has a dual extended cab long bed truck) Monday we took 1 truck and 1 car load, yesterday(tuesday) we took 2 truck loads, and today a car load. I know I am an only child hoarder but that is o.k. lol. We already have a few of our big items over there like the couch and coffee table, and pretty much all of my books clothes dvd’s, kitchen items,etc. We are pretty much down to the big ticket stuff(Bed, Electronics, Washer, Dryer and freezer)

I need to figure out when to have the power and gas turned off, get charter out to get our internet hooked at the new place, call my rent lady and say we are leaving (lol, we have a month to month lease so it is all good) and change our address! I think that is pretty much the big stuff.

Well, I am *HOPING* to get Wordless Wed. up after while, and even do a pic post of various things too if at all possible.Right now I am at my moms waiting on David so we can eat and get home!I just wanted to take a minute and update while I could! Catch ya later gators!


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    Congrats on the move! It’s great that they let you move in early. I both love and hate moving, myself. I love moving into a new space and making it my own. I hate the packing and unpacking. lol