moving status…

Well we went over to the apt. place where we used to live and checked out the apartment across the way from the one we used to live, the one that was available. We stopped by there on the way back from cracker barrel. I can remember when they were redoing it, when we were moving. I knew there was fresh paint.

We peeked in the windows,and I could see the floors were different …there was pretty nice tile, and there was no carpet in the living room, which didn’t bother me at all. We finally just called and seen if she could come by, which she did.

The closet under the stairs had a nice little black extra shelf someone left behind. The pantry didn’t have the same # of shelves, which wasn’t a big deal…I can work on that. There was even an extra closet in the kitchen with shelves. There was an washing machine, which we don’t need so she’s gonna take it out for us.There was a stove that is just like the one here,and looked fairly decent on top, and i hope looked good inside.

The weirdest thing, is there is NO living room light. At all. I guess we have to get us a few stand up lamps or something! There isn’t a window beside my door, which i’d miss because i’m short, and it would let in light!

The upstairs had an air handler vent drawback thing, which our old one didn’t. There was also a ceiling fan. The bath tub looked semi new as well.

She says she thinks that the city will charge me a deposit for the utilities again, which could be expensive..but I’m not sure that they would? I have had power with them before, and I have excellent credit. She did say if we get going though we can have a month free rent. Which would help if we had to pay deposit!

I’m trying to think of all the places i’d have to change my address! oyyy!!

I am on the fence. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to say anything to my mom because she would give me such hell. I mean i’ve moved out of here twice since april lol. We are gonna try to do everything we can to move w/out them at all.

just thought i’d let ya know my conflicting thoughts lol.