much like the poltergeist..i’m here!

Well I had planned to do a v-log but i can’t ever get the chance to be alone enough to do it! I still so feel like an idiot when i’m trying to do it lol.

plus I was SO sick last week. cold like ugh. still not quite over it but at least i’m feeling like a human again.

nothing all that exciting been happening with me… I took the ds lite back on friday because I couldn’t make up my mind about it (and the fact i really wanted the DSI)

well we were in gamestop on saturday and they had a display for a PINK dsi (i had only saw them in blue and black) turns out they came out with pink & white ones yesterday. well david was saying if i wanted one he’d get me one, whatever. just wait till he got paid on tues.

well he ended up letting me go to bestbuy and get it yesterday but he got an attitude about it. i mean its fine for him to buy a 300 ps3 but i want something thats 170 and i get to feel like i shouldnt get to keep it. UGH

the DSI has two cameras, and a music player and is all around a bit different.BUT it doesnt have the ability to do gameboy advance games, which i am disappointed about. it costed 40ish more and I am not sure if i’m happy or not. (what else is new…lol)

well i’ll make a better blog latter and i will come comment too hopefully!!


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    I saw the pink one and I *really* want it. It’s such a nicer shade than the colour for the DS-lite. But what I really want is a bright green one, like the DSi that came out in Japan, but isn’t available in North America yet, such a snazzy colour.

    But boo to David for his attitude 🙁 Not cool, at all.