my dad is too old to be working these hours, but my husband isn’t!

i’m worried about my dad working so much lately. I mean, most of my life my dad has worked 12 hours or more a day until the last year or so…and now it’s started up again! I might have mentioned before that out the rock quary where david and dad work there is virtually no business.. well my dad has been working there the last oh say, 23 years and has previous experience in equipment and such, so they sent him off to the mountains to work at one of the other quarries. My mom and dad live a good 30=40 minutes away from me so it takes dad alot longer to get to the job up there, than what it would take david to get there..countered with the fact that dad has to pick up one of the other employees which is over 40 minutes out of the way (but part of what he has to do)

dad went from being cut down to 32hrs up getting 50+ i believe it is now. he gets paid some for driving time, and he gets 10 hours on friday. it takes him almost 2hrs to go to and from work and he starts at 7 and gets off at 5. he is gone from the house from 5 a/m until 7 p.m. mom says that by 8 he’s ate, showered and most nights in the bed!

My dad isn’t young anymore… ha ha hard for me to say that but it’s the truth! I just hope this doesn’t take a toll on him too much. you can seriously tell though that he’s wore out …

I am hoping david might get the chance to go up there and work , at least on fridays..we are only an hour away, because we live right at the “interstate” so to speak.

Either way the company should look into key man insurance for my dad!