my new year starts in feb.

Hi There Everyone!

I think I have officially decided that my new year isn’t going to start until Feb. at this point lol. I just can’t seem to get things going just yet for some reason. It is all good though. Taking time off of the internet when you WANT to is not neccessarily a bad thing. one of my main goals for this year was kind of a two part thing: Take more time for myself, and to take this site back to being PERSONAL and FUN like blogging used to be, and so far it is working out.

Thursday my mom came over and we went out and did some couponing 🙂 I am loving that she is coming over more frequently like she used to. I don’t know why but she used to be over here at least once every 2 weeks if not every week and then bam she didn’t come over for several months! I know when we first got marley I wasn’t really able to go anywhere until we got the kennel, but still she could have came over!

Anyways, she brought a ton of stuff when she came over and then we went to walmart and harris teeter.

Then on Friday I needed my hair colored and David needed his cut so we went over there for lunch and to visit…I am some shade of blonde/red/orange that resembles Sam but just a bit darker. The only thing I Hate about blonde hair is it is so fly away and it seems to always look tabby! I didn’t realize at the time that my hair needed cut as well time i suppose.

Davids brother was over here yesterday and I swear I am lucky I have hair left. He gets on my nerves SO MUCH …I can’t even explain it but all he did was drink our sodas and keep eating and eating! i was like OMG if he opens one more soda or eats one more thing I am going to FLIP. I am talking like.. MASSIVE popping open soda and eating. He ate at the chinese buffet, then finished off 2 bags of chips, a huge bowl of cereal, then a meal from mcdonalds and.. yeah 20 min after the mcd’s he was in the pantry digging for chex mix! Also , we just bought 6 packs of soda on sale at CVS last week and he was popping my sprites right left and sideways. Hello, there were diet cokes, and water? UGH

Also, his brother FLICKED MY DOG IN THE HEAD THIS MORNING. Marley likes to bark or lick or what not and we might fuss at her but no big deal you know? she is a freaking DOG .. Anyways he had been trying to full forced hit her a couple of times but david was around and he backed off.. so when he did flick her as hard as he could right in the top of her head I was about to take him to the ground but he almost BROKE HIS FINGER doing it so i felt vindicated about it. He is just SO impatient! like just because his dog must be scared into submission doesn’t mean ours needs to be! UGH. David said he hadn’t noticed when I brought it up, but he said from now on he’d pay attention. (He was in the bathroom when the flicking event happened)

Well this turned into a longer post than planned and I should have maybe made it PW protected due to some things mentioned but OH WELL lol.

Later Gators…


  1. I don't know says

    I swear all you do is bitch about stupid ass shit!!
    Oh, you probably need a nap after typing this right?
    It’s no wonder you don’t get much done – all you do
    is fucking sleep. You’re a pathetic excuse for a blogger.

    You want to start monthly blog challenges again?
    How “behind” will you get because you sleep or just don’t
    want to blog that day?

    Again, I say, PATHETIC!

  2. Nichole says

    Oh Hi there little troll!
    If you want to get it like right you should also talk about what a whore i am and how i like to drink

  3. says

    Wow. He sounds like an ass! How you restrained yourself from punching the idiot in the throat after flicking Marley I will never know. I mean, I know he’s your husband’s brother but if anything deserves a throat punch, it’s hurting animals. Sorry you had to deal with that.

  4. Nichole says

    and VERY pathetic I bitch about someone torturing my dog. OR eating like a pig in my house when they ate a buffet meal and a meal from mcdonalds..
    such a pathetic blogger I am to care about so many others. I can’t believe how pathetic I am! just because I am depressed have messed up sleep patterns and Don’t blog every day! How Sad!

  5. Nichole says

    and i wish i wouldn’t have blocked your IP but.. If you want to be an anonymous twit.. and hide behind that when you should be a WOMAN and say something to my face well.. what can I say?

  6. Nichole says

    I was already up off of the couch and was about to be like REALLY WTF really loud but he was complaining about his fingers and I was dying laughing inside so I ran into the kitchen and got in the pantry and did it.. He is increasingly getting more annoying and more aggressive and everyone else just steps on eggshells around him so they don’t piss him off more but I mean I am sick of it personally…