my poor foot!!

yesterday was the first day in like two weeks that i felt like absolute.. BLAH. I managed to get a few things done in the house: wash dishes, clean up the living room, clean the bathroom a little,change sheets, wash a load of clothes. I was in sams room vaccuming up his mess of litter and food (have I mentioned I DETEST carpet?) when i stepped on something. I was figuring it was a piece of the aforementioned food or litter. well i got a suprise.

there were two tiny tiny pieces of thin wire embedded in the carpet. ive walked through there a million times since we moved in, and i’ve vaccumed …but there they were. well notihng was inside my foot, i couldnt find a prick hole, or any blood …but wouldn’t you just know… it swelled up and it has been killing me ever since! it kind of calmed down when i went to bed, but its back at it again now!!!

I wrote my latest eden fantasys review/ made the video for it. My internet uploading speed is slower than dialup i swear.It would be nice to get some 3G this century over here, t-mobile!!

I don’t plan to do too much today I don’t think. its already like 100 outside 🙁 i’m trying to swing buying another flip camcorder because i found one for 59 bucks!! i have some yardsale money i’m thinking about using for it. i never buy myself anything!!

more latter i’m sure… it looks like its gonna be a loooong day!