my poor laptop

Word C0UNT 399

ok so this laptop is only 2 1/2 months old. and today the letter O decided to come off…and it wont go back on! the piece of plastic that holds it on broke. so for three hours I tried to put it back on because I didnt want david to bitch at me over it. and well it never worked. I got a headache and started crying and I told him when he got home. well a keyboard for this thing is 129/ well it is still under warranty so i’m like fine I will sacrafise it for a few weeks and send it off. which sucks because I was making wedding dvd’s and family history ones for christmas. maybe i’ll still get the chance. but I dont know.

ugh. so then let me tell you bout the rest of the day I had.

I got to the health dept right on time. i mean I already knew that theres no use in getting there early or anything. i waited 1 hr and 15 minutes to get my pills. i was like wtf. i sat there for 1hr before they even called me up there to ask me my info(um i was just there 3 months ago so wtf changed?_) anyways i was pissed. well the weird thing is i usually only get three packs of pills at a time…and i can only get 12 packs. they gave me 10packs! and i already had 3 so whatever.

well i go to check out and they tell me I had a 1 buck balance. i was like ok so the 200 i paid last time what was that for. then they said I owed for today? again same question…what was the 200 from last time. so my mom asked how much and she was like oh i dont know yet have a seat and I will let you know. i was like no we are gonna leave just bill us.i have been here long enough! and she was all snappy with me.ARGH

then I found out i weigh 5 lbs more than I thought…and that means 10 more than what I would like to!

so in short not really my day! I did  get a cute pair of scketchers at goodwill…that i’ll post latter

ok this has been a pain in the but to post without the actual O key. at least I have my other computer and i wont be having withdrawels

xo ng


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    I can’t wait to see your new pair of Sketchers! It just sucks though that they made you wait that long :s Sorry about what happened to your keyboard as well. Yikes. That’s what I hate about laptops sometimes. Not all of them are sturdy and the letter O is very important as well!

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    juz get a new one.. lol aking wedding dvd’s and family history ones for christmas is cool.. =) what are the pills for? i wanna see your sketchers.. come on cheer up!!! don’t be sad