my vampyre split personality

So by some twist of fate i get to play in the vampyre game on ecstasy! i was really excited to get the oppertunity πŸ™‚
it was fun coming up with a vampire name/saying

i picked alisa perne from the last vampire series by christopher pike. i’m probably dating myself because theres probably only a couple of you who know what i am talking about lol. you might remember that i was reading these books early in the summer. my saying is “Now Heaven Spoke To Her…and Hell”

anyways i’m having a blast with that. and trying to keep my stamp collection /trade post up there. and the collection here. its almost a full time job!

i am trying to get a few things done around here. i’m also trying to clean out a few things in my room. i’m busy but having fun and i like it.

my sleep habits are getting weirder than ever. went to bed at 1 and got up at 6 and never went back to sleep..ugh

my moms foot is doing better. she might get to get the stitches out soon πŸ™‚

on a sadder note. they think my nanny has h1n1. shes in isolation πŸ™