my world is boring!


Hello There! Right now i’m trying to figure out why my double duty divas badge won’t show up over there on the left sidebar! (I didn’t code it, so it should work ? lol) That is one thing I need to get better at though: coding banners when the code isn’t supplied..I swear this is the truth i used to know how to do some html. Since WP came along, not so much!
I miss the old days sometimes, but I probably wouldn’t be blogging if it hadn’t gotten easier lol yes..i’m a slacker we know that much right?

David’s mom finally got around to calling about him being “sick” I was like honestly? sick? I think chest pain and other symptoms would classify more of a concern and it wasn’t “sick” ugh..those people! And she didn’t seem to concerned either. Then again, if I thought they would have gave a rats butt I would have called when I rushed him to the ER I suppose!

I am expecting email responses to a ton of things I have sent out lately, but of course none of them are coming in! I hate when i’m impatient. Sometimes though I wonder if it has been 3 or more days if I’m really impatient or if people are just that slow! either way.. lol

We got our State tax return this morning! First time EVER that the State came before, generally we don’t get state until march or april! thank you e-file! Our federal return is delayed for some reason though, but hopefully should be here sometime next week. David Is supposed to pay me back some of the money that he owes me…

In general everything in my world is pretty slow and dull. The house is pretty well cleaned up for the most part …which is nice in a way but sucks in other ways because I am kind of bored.

Sure there are those random things I could do like work on putting books on my kindle and nook and songs on my ipod and such, but ..meh.. those are things that I just have to be in that kind of mood to get done!

Right now it’s time to put some clothes in the dryer..and …yeah that’s about it!

catch ya later gators