nasty evil funky colds

*is this thing on*

I have been neglecting the site soooo much the last couple of weeks. this time it was because last monday I got a horribly nasty chest cold which turned into a chest cold that I still have. 🙁

Honestly, not alot been going on in my world.. slept most of last week because of the cold (EVIL I tell you). Thursday I went out wth my mom to like CVS /Walgreens,etc so she could use some of her coupons. I honestly want to get into couponing but we never have the money to spend to start with..ugh. I won’t get off on a money rant but lately with david’s hours being cut we are right  up on it..we are about 300 a month short ..

right now i’m trying to work on grits-reviews (and when i find the asshat who has decided to spam my contact form ..grr. i mean honestly who does that?) write a review of my own, waiting on a package i thought was coming today, wating on david to get home so i can make dinner..also need to write an ambassador post for eden and and make a post about the awesome deal i got at cvs like 2 weeks ago lol.

i’ll try to comment too..ha ha. i hate that i suck at commenting. i read, but i suck about saying stuff back sometimes. bah.

I really hate writing when I don’t have much to say, or at least anything interesting, but i hadn’t blogged in almost 2 weeks and thought i best check in

more later 🙂