New Laptops, Impending Foul Weather, oh and insomnia of course

Hi Everyone!

I am up bright..well not bright.. grey and dreary and early would be more appropriate lol. I went to bed to do the tv/cuddles thing about 8 last night because I had a horrid headache that set in around 6:30 that I couldn’t shake. Anywho around 10:30 I shut everything off to go to sleep but I couldn’t get comfy and David was snoring! I was like OMG since when does he snore? Anyways from 10:30-11:45 or so I had about 4 weird random scary “dreams”

I say “dreams” because they were like little flashes and they were just.. dark and creepy? I don’t really remember any of them (thankfully!) They continued all the way up till about 2:30 when David got up for water. I made him put marley in her bed because she was licking and it was driving me nuts. Somewhere between there and about 4 I may have slept a tiny bit but not very long. David had a bad dream and it woke me up. Sam went nutso because he didn’t have any food in his bowl (we had gave him wet last night and he likes to crunch and munch snack throughout the night, so I should have saw that coming.)

I tried to get to sleep when David left for work but it just never happened so around 7:30 I decided to just get up and see what I can get done… watching Pretty Little Liars (trying to get caught up again!) and whatnot.

We are expecting foul weather today/tomorrow and thursday. I already call it that David won’t work tomorrow. we’ll see if I am right. I am hopeful that when it starts to snow they let him come on home this time around so he doesn’t get caught in all the YUCK that he did last time ..and we needed to get to the store and couldn’t because it was already so bad. I was so shocked they didn’t send him home when that started because within 20 minutes it was already sticking to the bricks…3 hours later they let him go home and a 30 min trip took over an hour.. yeah…

We ended up not going to look at that apartment. The timing just wasn’t right especially with the knowledge that we would possibly be looking at 2300 bucks (600 deposit x 2 because of credit issues was likely, plus first months rent(700 thx to fur babes) and $350 for a pet deposit.. then having to square up all our bills here and yeah.. It is something to consider in the future but with all the money I have saved in my court fund, paypal and the tax money we wouldn’t have had quite that much and I didn’t feel comfy borrowing against my court money even though when I got the utility and apartment deposit back here I would have been pretty much square..

We did get our tax money and we were hoping to take us a little vacation to tn, but I think we are going to put that on hold for a bit longer because David needed to get some work boots and then Friday night my laptop was acting weird so we went and got a new one on Saturday! My old one(the white one) has had some minor things over time act nuts, I mean it is almost 4 years old and used daily for hours and hours on end. The battery went out for the most part a looong time ago, then the screen has a line that comes and goes.. the trackpad went out back around christmas. So it was something def. on my radar that I wanted to upgrade and whatnot sooner than later..I figured since we had the chance and the money maybe we should go ahead and do it.

I cleaned all my junk off the netbook and went ahead and gave it to my mom. I totally intend to use this computer (my “old” laptop) until it bursts into flames or something. even though it has to be always plugged in which is a bummer

The new one is HP (of course) windows 8 , touch screen, etc and I am trying to get used to it!

Anyways I am gonna run for now ,and get some more coffee and see what I need to get done today..catch ya later gators..