new layout :D


I *finally* got the layout that Karyn tweaked for me up! (and yes we do know that autumn is spelled wrong in my tagline.working on it. it honestly doesn’t bother me that much) (because i just spent quiet a while rearranging my widgets and sidebars and such) anyways I really like it, and I Hope you all do too!

I drank like 6 glasses of wine last night, so i haven’t really been worth a crap today lol. I did manage to post 3 reviews at grits and wash dishes. + getting this layout up and going!

Sara (girl from fb that i was talking about) replied back to my message and friended me so that was most awesome. I swear it would be nice to be friends with SOMEONE in real life that my husband doesn’t have a shit over (yeah, that’d be jason i’m refering to) I won’t get into that can of worms right now though.

WordPress Stats doesn’t appear to be working with this i guess sitemeter it is. Unless someone can tell me how to make them work…Also I would LOVE to know how to do a Cut, so when i write the reviews you would have to click to read them.( i think thanks to becca I have figured this out 🙂 )

I intend to rearrange a few more things on the site/make some more pages but well we’ll see how it goes. My toybox needs updated and all that good stuff too!

i’ll be around to comment. i swear.