New Section and Stuff

I put up a new section last night “graphics folio” I have made this and that on and off for many years. alot of things have gotten lost because they were backed up on cd’s and the cd’s are scratched really bad.

anyways the things I put up were some recent things i did for exquisite message board themes. like i said i’m no graphics genius..but I am proud of what I do.

@Kecia omg ..i cannot believe your mom and the cake! the thing that happened with my cake is when it got cut the freaking two top pieces got cut and the huge bottomn piece got saved…so we have had cake at my moms and at our house ever since!
then there were so many odd things that happened at my

I thought my mom was going to go to the store today…but apparently i am wrong. I just want to get out of the house.

Davids truck is back home 🙂 and he has a few things to work out on it but at least it runs…

well i’m out for now….more latter i’m sure