new theme & adjusting

Ugh I feel..not so great. i’m warding off a cold right now. the sore throat is about to drive me nuts!!i have felt it coming on for a while though…

Sam is doing better..i mean like adjusting to us/ us adjusting to him. it’s been so long since we had a little fellow (shadow being almost 3 and everything_) plus, we haven’t had a cat in the house (with the exception of when shadow was here for a week) in about 8 months!

he doesn’t like to sleep lol. i don’t know apparently i dont do a good enough job of wearing him out or something.i just wish i could get him to sleep through the night. he did better last night though

i am wondering what we will do with him, when we leave to go to wherever because I hate to have to put him in the spare room, but i know we can’t leave him out just yet. he’s too …climby and into stuff you know.

we are under a winter weather advisory. please GOD i don’t want any winter weather because if we get any david has to stay home from was 60 out today and now snow and sleet tomorrow? i feel like i’m in boone for godsake!

please join if you havent! we can use new members & activity! thanks!!