Nichole and The Horrible No Good Day

I woke up and it just went wrong from there
1. the tailpipe came off my car. came the hell off…after calling my parents at 6 a.m in virginia my dad says its ok as long as its not the muffler or whatever. thankfully. so we can drive it till we can get it fixed.i was having a panic that i wasn’t gonna be able to get up to va myself for the anniversary party
2. My period has decided to try to come 3 weeks late. key word is TRY its just enough to be spotty and annoying
3.Ebay Idiot will not respond to emails,etc. I finally got fed up filed a dispute and listed it on craigslist for 200. we were hoping more but it did sell and its over and gone. thankfully bank has double drafted 2 seperate transactions. my insurance and something david bought online. my insurance corrected itsself and they were able to credit what david bought

in the haste of all the above my eden fantasies toy came for review!! cant wait to get to review it!!

so i guess the day in all wasnt bad, but gosh it seemed like it wouldn’t stop being bad!

i cannot get a video to upload to save my life so i’ll keep trying

right now i’m in panic mode …i dont know even traveling for a day freaks me out. i have to make sure i get everything I need, and do everything i need to do and i start freaking. i don’t know why!! its not that i have to remember that much…or even do that much!

davids dad lost his job today, and davids over there and prob wont be back till late. icant sleep worth a heck the night b4 we go somewhere sooo…its part of my panic combo that i will be up late.
and omg if his dad has to come live here i’ll go live with mom. thats all i’m saying lol

well i’m out. i will be around to comment maybe later.:)


  1. says

    here’s to hoping you wake up + tomorrow is a better day 🙂

    just read some of your ‘content’ on the side, sounds interesting, i’ll be back to browse tomorrow! it’s 1:53 a.m. and i’m starting to doze off, but i can definitely see myself returning to your blog!