nichole is a slacker..

I am gonna try to do a video blog tomorrow..kind of like a reward from all of the paid posts and such I have been doing (which I have found help me find new things to write about that i probably wouldn’t! kinda cool 🙂 )

also I haven’t done one in a while. so …we’ll see how it goes.

I am thinking about getting my hair cut off in really short layers …then i’ll really have to keep my hair straightened alot more than i have been..we’ll see. curly hair sucks hardcore. and i’m seriously sick of freaking having my hair on top my head all the time. ugh. if it isn’t slicked down and pulled back well i can’t do anything about it! ugh so sick. and it needs colored toooo

I was gonna get a few web related things today but… i ended up going to hang with my mom because she is just seems sooo lonely with my dad gone all the time to work and stuff so..yeah I went over there and she gave me a bunch of food and stuff so that was nice.

well I didn’t have too much to say but i wanted to attempt to write up something. i need to comment a few of you all too..ahh my work is seriously never done!