nichole needs…

new clothes!! seriously nothing I own fits anymore 🙁 with my little pudge on my stomach it pokes out over top of all my jeans, and it looks ….blah! I was just telling David this morning that I am going to go to American Eagle and get a credit card and buy some new things. You know in my world this is easier than giving up cake and soda and the likes to try to loose weight! Doesn’t matter that i have a wii fit and the wii myshape game.I never have the energy to use them

Then i got to thinking. maybe i’d like some new shoes?? I really don’t hardly ever get anything that is brand new, even when it comes to shoes. I think the last pair of brand new shoes i had were some nike shox that Tim bought me because i cried and whined so much about wanting some. He got them when he was in Chicago at Thanksgiving the year that we were together, and that was in 2005!

I honestly do love to shop online. it is so simple. If you know your correct sizes and such it is quite easy. Most of you know that I’m not really the go out in public and shop kind of girl, for the most part. I mean for God sakes i hate going to the freaking grocery store lol.

I really started noticing the whole clothes/shoes needing since i still haven’t put up the stuff I’ve brought back from mom’s when I left last week. It is like seeing it all in bags makes me realize the majority of it should probably be there anyways. I think it is time to clean out some more and have another yardsale 🙂


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    Are you a Livejournal user? There’s a lot of good communites with people selling clothes/cleaning out their closets. You can usually find some good deals! That’s where I get some of my clothes from.

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    I know what you mean! I need some new clothes for the same reason! I haven’t had the energy to get on my Wii Fit either. It makes me kinda sad.