nichole whored her site lol


I have been having a pretty o.k. week …I have been having a hard time with my period…for some reason it has just taken everything that I have had out of me.

I have been working on GRITS REVIEWS quite a bit (keeping up with submissions!) I am so proud that it is only about two weeks old, and is doing so well. I keep meaning to put a banner link on the sidebar for it! I also need to add one for mypleasures..and I did make a 125×125 one for this site too!

Yesterday I went to the store with my mom as part of my christmas present from her (she offered to take me to the grocery store) I wish she would have told me beforehand because I stayed up pretty late tuesday night and well.. when she called at 830 I felt like crap! She had went by the Dollar General and got me some household things like laundry detergent and such on her way here, and then we went to Walmart and Aldi’s. I still need a few things but this is a really good start. I think david’s mom might take us to get the rest

I bought Sam a 32 pack of friskies canned food that came with a little treat ball, and a pack of the party mix(Shadow used to love that and so does sam!) there was also a stocking with some kitty meow toys I havent opened it for him yet but he is having a blast with it despite that fact!

Right now I am trying to come up with a list of stuff that needs done, both online and in the house. I seem to do much better when I have a list. I would LOVE to clean up my pantry (the walk in one) but it has 3 outside walls and it is SO COLD!

David is off for boones farm & some sprite. He might be getting me a Nikon i’m not sure. LOL I want one really bad..and I want to sale the other one (fujifilm) but no luck yet. Either way if I change my mind i can take it back 30 days w/out restock fee at walmart soo..

I am also trying to formulate some reviews. I want to comment everyones reviews from grits so bad! I love reading them as they are submitted 🙂 I have two that are semi needing to get themselves written..1 that isn’t pressing at all and 2 on the way. I also got into the Purex Insider club..I’m expecting that package as well. I have a inquiry out on another review I sent her my stats & size & adress but i haven’t heard anything back yet!

I whored out my site last night very cheaply so that I could pay for my flickr pro! I had 5 bucks and I raised the other 20 by offer permanent banner links on my site for 5 bucks each. Lol You won’t ever find rates that low again right? 🙂

More later. i sure am talkative right now lol

ps: my hair needs straightened!