Nichole’s 17 Herb Chicken is baking :)

I am making “Nicholes Famous 17 herb chicken” again. Of course i think it has more than 17 spices lol. Just in the italian spice I use the garlic and sea salt and pepper makes 8 .. and then I use MRS DASH original as well lol. It was kind of just a random number we came up with since I was raving about how good it was and that I had more herbs than KFC lol. This go around I am making it with Brocolli and Rice! Walmart didn’t have my italian pasta salad that I usually buy so I had to improvise! I can smell it cooking right now and it is SO yummy smelling!

David and I are truly trying to eat better and such.. I am hoping to make it to the store this week at some point but I am not sure how that is going to go unless I go early Saturday morning because it is Church Volunteer week for David again!  Shoot I didn’t go to church last week or the week before and I won’t be going this week either! Bad Me! lol.

I didn’t manage to get as much done today as I had hoped but I really did stay up too late and was too restless in my sleep .. I didn’t really have a relaxing before bed experience even though I did get to sit outside for a bit and listen to music. We adapted our old blue tooth speaker to be an outdoor one for us (as in put batteries in it and didn’t throw it away lol). Anyways… I am hoping for some cider and a bubble bath and sitting out on the patio this evening and tonight. I also hope to get a few pics of the moon if at all possible. I never got pics of the moon when we lived in town so I am hoping here I can get a few! I might still be too much in “town” though!

Right now I am wishing I could get out on the patio and chill with a glass of wine and the ipad and some music but I only have about 15 minutes before I need to finish up the rest of dinner so I guess I will just wait!

David said something about getting a recliner that matches the color of our couch.. that he was gonna get it tomorrow evening but I don’t know where the heck he has came up with this thing at. .and I was supposed to get my granny’s one that she had and it meant a lot to me that my mom was going to let me have it.. it was green and It would have went with my pink n green theme so well too. They just haven’t ever got to take the truck to VA to bring it back for me so I don’t know .. honestly I don’t know where the heck a chair would even fit in this living room but what the heck do i know?

Anyways.. I just felt like updating again today 🙂 Catch ya’ll later